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MKT 445 Week 5 Team Assignment Sales Plan Phase Three NEW
You represent the vice president of sales for the company of the product that you selected. You have been asked to prepare a sales plan for the CEO. You have learned that your product life cycle has changed. Your product reached the maturity phase and has been declining in sales. You now must start with the introduction stage of a new similar product. 
Resources: University Library, Internet
Use the product selected for the Week One Sales Plan: Phase One paper.
Select a new product life cycle stage. (Introduction)
Write a 3,500-word minimum revised sales plan that is 12-20 pages in length, including charts and data graphs. Address the following in your revised sales plan:
Illustrate the changes to your product’s life cycle.
Outline what additions need to be made to your original sales plan.
Reassess and discuss the market environment and situation analysis assuming that several changes have occurred in the market.(poor economy, increased competition)
Develop a plan for ongoing customer relationships and evaluate what incremental opportunities are available.
Identify sales performance measurement tools that enable you to gauge future performance.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
Power Point Presentation: each team will present a 15-20 minute overview of their Sales Plan Phase 3 information